Track Side Treats – Our Canteen

Who gets hungry when they’re battling out there on the RC track for the day?  We sure do.  We’re lucky to be able to compliment our top-notch racing facilities, with our on-site canteen – Track Side Treats!

A full-service canteen, you’ll find the range of food items from quick snacks, party pies and dim sims to burgers and sausages hot off the barbecue.  Every now and then we’ll even feature a specialty item just to change things up (pro tip: go for the chili con carne when it’s on the menu).

To go along with the great food, we’re also fully stocked with bottled water and soft drinks.

Nikki and Vikki

The heart and soul of Track Side Treats, Nikki and Vikki are the dynamic duo that keep Track Side Treats buzzing along, cranking out delicious eats on each race day.  Not only is Nikki our club treasurer, but you’ll find her working her magic on the barbecue flipping burgers, sausages, grilling up onions and sometimes the occasional chicken burger.  Vikki runs the “front of the house” and is the smiling face that will greet you the moment you walk up towards the canteen.

So come on out – enjoy the racing, and enjoy the food!