Prepping Your Cars

So you got your car – ready to hit the track?  Not so fast, just to make sure you arrive in tip-top shape, here’s some information on what you can do to help setup your car prior to getting here on raceday.  Once you’re here on raceday, things can happen pretty fast.  So it’s a good idea to run through some car prep before you arrive to KEORCA raceday.

Equipment Guidelines

There are certain guidelines to follow with the equipment you use at KEORCA.  Keep this in mind as anything outside of the following may mean that you can’t run your car at KEORCA.  

  • Vehicles: 1/10 Electric powered vehicles only at KEORCA. Yes, that means no 1/8 scale, no 1/5 scale and no nitro (fortunately, there are clubs that cater to those).  See the RCRA rulebook for classes and vehicle dimensions.
  • Battery Safety: Hardcased LiPo batteries ONLY from ROAR / BRCA approved lists.
  • Charging Safety: LiPo batteries must be charged in a Lipo sack. Lipo suitable charger must be used.

If you have any questions, just drop us a note on our Contact form.

Equipment Shakedown

While some tweaking is suitable to do at the track, there are some things you can check-out prior to raceday.  Here’s a list of things you can check ahead of time:

  • Set your steering trim so that the car drives in a straight line.
  • Set your Electronic Speed Controller to match your radio (consult instructions for each ESC) so that the brake / throttle / neutral settings are working correctly.
  • When starting out, it is advised to limit your throttle to keep control of your car on the dirt. If your car is overpowered and you are driving outside your skills, you will be asked to de-tune your car for safety.
  • Tyres make a huge difference to the traction of your vehicle. Consult club members on which tyres are suitable for your vehicle and for the existing conditions.
  • If you’re just starting out, it is recommended to have an experienced committee member / racer check your car before you start racing to make sure it is safe and in good working order.
  • Reversing is NOT allowed on the track during race days.  Check your ESC instructions on how you can enable the Forward/Brake only mode.
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