All the things you wanted to know about KEORCA…

… and we’re afraid to ask – worry no more.  We have now added a new section on our website which provides all sorts of good RC information – from car prep, what to bring, what to expect on race day, and more!

Check it all out in the Get Started – KEORCA 101 section.  If you’re new to RC, definitely check it out.  If you’ve been at it a while, give it a tour to brush up on your race prep.

Pop-quiz: did you know that you can’t move your car during the 10-second countdown – not even to wiggle your wheels?

If you didn’t know that, visit our Get Started – KEORCA 101 section and find out more tid-bits you just might not know about.  Better yet, share it with your fellow RC racers, with your friends, with your next door neighbor…. share it with everyone!

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