A Call for Content… from You!

Hey all KEORCA members – hope you’re all enjoying the new updates to the website! There’s much more to come, and this is where we’d like to get your help.

The Short Pitch

While the entire KEORCA website is slowly being updated, the blog is in dire need of some updated content. We’re looking to have regular releases on the blog, and this is where you all come in. Blogs thrive when the content is current, authentic and unfiltered (within reason). With that, we’re opening up the blog to members who want to lend their voice and become contributors to blog stories.

Think you might be interested? Well read-on for more details…

The Fun Stuff

With the blog, there is a lot of great content we can produce that may not really have a place in the main website. This is where we can be a bit more creative with what we want to post and the stories we want to tell. While by no means set in stone, we may run a few different series of stories such as:

Pro Tips: We’re really lucky to have some of the most active personalities in the RC community – not just for Australia, but world-wide – as members. It would be great to feature some insights on our blog (which would be shareable in social media… hint hint) to help out other RC racers – new and seasoned. Don’t let the name fool you though – this is not just reserved for the pros. Have a tip or trick up your sleeve that you think anyone would find useful? Here’s a place for that.

Driver/Member Profiles: Our greatest asset is our members. We’re always out there helping each other out and to make KEORCA the great club that it is. You don’t have to be a triple-sponsored A-main driver – we all have an RC story to tell and it would be great to showcase that. And it’s not just for drivers – we have non-driving members putting forward a heap of time and energy to help the club run. Let’s give them the spotlight too.

Race Reports: Lots of members have Facebook pages where they share insights into their race weekends – which is awesome! It would be great to get some of that on our blog as well. Want to give a write-up of how you prepared for your race weekend and how you did? Let’s hear it!

…the rest: Major events, KEORCA news/updates, pic of the week, general RC news, product releases….. stuff like that.

If that sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to be an active contributor to the blog, let Da Ming know and he’ll discuss it with you.

But I’m not a writer…

Hey, not all of us are Ernie Hemmingway or Bill Shakespeare, but that’s OK. We’re not here going for a Sunday reader, we’re writing about RC. We all love it, and that message usually comes out loud and clear. If you have something you’re dying to share – then do it! We may run an editing eye over it for typos and stuff, but what you write will usually be your own.

That said, if you want to contribute but don’t like to write/type it out – that’s OK too. We can have someone get your story and then write it out for you.

The Long Story

Why are we doing this? Up until recently, the KEORCA website has been a bit of an afterthought. There have been some minor updates when a major event was coming up, but not much more past that. With the new committee, we’re making a commitment to keep the KEORCA website up to date, and serve a real purpose other than something just to point at and say “hey, we have a website…”

With the updated website, we’re busy updating content and features to help our members. Outside of that, though, we’re looking at ways that our website can extend outside of our members – to new-comers wanting more information about RC racing or becoming a KEORCA member and to providing a resource for fellow RC racers Australia-wide and beyond. A big goal, but we’re shooting for the stars here.

It would be awesome if our website was at the top of the list when someone Google’s “RC racing Australia”, or something like that, and this is where a thriving blog can help our website. The more often our website is updated with content, the more value it would provide to the RC community, and Google will typically rank websites that are updated higher than one that is not. To put it simply, the higher our website appears in Google listings, the more visitors we’ll get to the site and this just increases visibility and exposure to all the awesome things that we do.

And if you made it this far – thanks for your time. Here’s a link to a video with some RC drones being taken out: